Live Whale Law Of Attraction Wishing Pot

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  • It’s not enough to think about the life you want. You must create it in the physical sense. First, write down your dreams, allowing your energy to focus on your desires. Then place them in the wishing pot and forget about them. Forgetting, lets your logical mind detach from the outcome, allowing the manifestation to happen. Used by top Law of attraction gurus, this wishing pot can help you achieve your dreams, and experience a new sense of calm and Zen.
  • ✅ AWAKEN YOUR AMBITIONS – Write your dream down on the scroll, place it in the wishing pot, and keep it safe whilst you work towards making it a reality. This perfect Asian blessing jar will be a visual reminder of your journey to a happier life.
  • ✅ MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS - Putting your deepest desires or daily affirmations on paper and into this wishing pot is a huge step towards achieving your goals. Over the centuries, Wishing Pots have been used by thousands of people to manifest success.
  • ✅ A GIFT TO REMEMBER – Whether for yourself or someone near and dear to your heart, our wishing pot is a thoughtful memento for a life well-lived. It comes in a sleek package, ready for birthday gifts, holiday gifts, office gifts, Asian Zen gifts and more.
  • ✅ THE ONLY LAW OF ATTRACTION WISHING POT – Top Law of Attraction gurus use this Japanese wishing pot to practice LOA principles. If you believe in LOA and want to maximize its power, then this wishing jar is for you.
  • ✅ TIMELESSLY ELEGANT - Our gratitude jar is made of polished ceramic and features a wide base that ensures it stands firm on any surface you place it on. With its natural bamboo scrolls and striking black wishing jar, it's a piece of Zen art that will elevate your home decor.