Our Story - How We Got Started

During my college years studying science and mathematics I discovered how hard it was for me to remain focused and on task with so many things going on in my life. Couple college with a strong family connection and need to support my parents through some health issues you can begin to understand why it was so hard to remain focused.

Once I started volunteering to teach inner city youth during my summers off I was finally able to see where my sticking points were and started drafting ways to solve them.

I spent an entire summer drafting out a template that would help keep myself organized and on task.  Once it was close to perfect I shared it with my family, friends and students for feedback. 

After another six months of refining and working on the system, Live Whale Planner was born.

Live Whale Planner combines functionality and  artistic freedom with style. Our planners are flexible enough to be customize by you.

At Live Whale Planner we are always innovating and learning from feedback or mistakes we make along the way, and we are 100% committed to your success. We don't succeed unless you do.

We are passionate about creating something that is useful for a wide range of people and their needs, while also recognizing that there are other great planners out there.

We aren't here to compete or put them down in any way, everyone likes what works for them and we support that.

We hope you will give Live Whale Planner a try today.