Why Goal-Date Countdowns Are So Effective

Why Goal-Date Countdowns Are So Effective

Setting goals is important, but one of the biggest issues with goals that are further in the future is procrastination. If your goal isn't for months yet, why should you work on it today? Time goes by fast, though, and before you know it your goal date will be right in front of you. If you have worked on that goal daily, you should be close to attainment instead of just getting started and scrambling to get caught up. So how do you keep working on your goal daily? You need a reminder that time is passing, and that's just what you get with the goal-date countdown.

Meeting Your Goals in a Timely Manner

Because procrastination is easier than pushing yourself toward your goal, you may feel like you are sabotaging yourself or just spinning your wheels. All too often, people achieve their goals later in life or they never achieve them at all, because the agenda they set gets set aside when life gets in the way. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a stay-at-home parent, a college student, or anyone with a desire to get more done, productivity and efficiency are going to be important to you. A weekly planner is a great place to start setting a countdown to the goals you want to meet.

The Goal-Date Countdown Keeps You Aware

Becoming more mindful of how you spend your day is something a planner(s) can help with. You need to be aware of how you spend your days, whether that's on personal pursuits or doing something to further your career. Every time you see how many days are left until your goal date or deadline, you'll think about what you are doing today and whether it's carrying you closer to your goal or simply wasting time. You don't have to move toward your goal every minute of every day, but a consistent track toward that goal will be needed. That's especially true if it's a big goal, a shorter deadline, or both.

Consider Personal Goals, Not Just Career Advancement

Using the goal-date countdown is often very effective for weight loss, dieting, and exercise, but it also works well for a lot of other areas, such as final exams, graduation, and other events. That's because it can be hard to be an organizer and a planner, so it's easier when something can do part of the work for you. As you see the development of your goal start to take shape and the days until you attain your goal getting shorter, you'll likely be more committed and focused toward seeing your dreams become reality. Whether you're working toward a degree and counting down the days until graduation or you're trying to lose weight to look amazing for your wedding, the goal-date countdown can give you a focal point to work from and a way to see how you can get from where you are now to where you want to be.


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